Pokeball Power Bank – An Extended Battery for Pokémon Go!

Be the very best!

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“You want to be the very best
Like no one ever was
To keep charged is your real test
This game’s a battery hog!”

Pokemon Go! is not the ghost-town ironic hipster on the internet claim it is, in fact, it’s still the hottest AR game out there, but one thing the critics do have right is how much of a battery drain playing can be.

Well, here comes the Pokeball Power Bank to the rescue! Now you can feel what it’s like to get life-affirming energy from one of these orbs, just like the endangered creatures you force into them!

  • 12000 mAh charging capacity
  • It has two USB output ports allowing two mobile devices to charge simultaneously
  • Supports Apple/iOs and Android mobile devices
  • With LED indicators displaying the battery percentage and charging status
  • Middle button function: 1 click to turn it on and 2 clicks to turn it off
  • It’s cute af

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